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Mission Statement

The mission of the University of St. Francis states that "The University seeks to develop and enrich the total human personality." The Athletic Department complements the University mission by committing itself to the development of the whole person, i.e. a holistic educational philosophy.

It is the position of the University that involvement in athletics not only promotes a union of the body, mind, values and spirit, but also helps to develop the personal qualities that will enhance one's college years and endure through later life. Athletic participation promotes self-discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, and most importantly, when properly taught and understood, strong values. Furthermore, it encourages the development of leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship and competitiveness.

In recognition of its positive value, the University seeks to develop a quality intercollegiate athletic program for men and women. Our program will have four main points of emphasis: 1) Equality of opportunity for both men's and women's athletic programs. 2) The continuing commitment to the academic integrity of our athletic program. 3) Commitment to the concept that honest, hard work and maximum effort on the part of the coaches and athletes is the true goal of our athletic program – not winning, per se. 4) Recognition that the athletic arena provides an outstanding environment for the teaching of Christian values and that this concept must always be our ultimate goal.

We believe, when students matriculate to St. Francis, they are the beneficiaries of two educations. Their most important education is the one they receive in their academic careers. But the education they receive in the athletic arena will also add greatly to both their personal and their professional lives.